The Hattrick Depth Manager


What Is it ?

HDM is a manager assistant for players of the free online football (soccer) management game Hattrick

Why use this one ?

It's fast, and it focuses on personnel management, which is the key to long-term success in Hattrick

What OS can it run on ?

HDM can be compiled for any OS. All that is required is a C++ compiler, the QT3 libraries, and a mysql server.
Initially, binaries will only be available for x86 linux. Others will be released later

When will it be available ?

The first release will be finished shortly. The main task left is to write the first-time user wizards.

So, it's done, then ?

No, it will continue to be revised, tweaked, and remodeled for a while. What is certain is that now it is working, and it is fast. Logo CHPP Logo